Plagiarism policies are a set of rules and procedures established to prevent plagiarism, which is the act of taking someone else's work and presenting it as one's own without giving proper credit to the original author.

BIC sanctions plagiarism and fraudulent data in manuscripts submitted for publication. We consider the following as plagiarism:

1-Publishing the same article in more than one journal.

2-Copying and using textual information from any document or web site.

3-Using data, images, and other resources without the authorization of all the natural or legal authors of the work.

4-Employing information that has not been consulted from the original source by any of the authors of the document.

Any errors, citation manipulation, piracy, plagiarism, a duplicate submission, republication, data fabrication or falsification, and financial conflict detected by reviewers, staff, or readers should be reported to the Editorial Committee.

We use the free software Plagiarisma to detect plagiarism. This software can detect plagiarism in over 190 languages, uses different search engines, and supports many document extensions.